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Know More About POF Shrink Film

May. 28, 2018

Polyolefin Shrink Film is a very durable and versatile substance. Polyolefin materials can be found with several different characteristics. One of these characteristics is that the cross-linked feature which provides high-tensile strength (tensile strength is the measurement of the force needed to split the wrap). POF also gains from becoming transparent which allows the item enclosed to be clearly visible once it is wrapped. The compounds of this wrap also reduce the odds of a build-up of the substance on the sealing components of the machines. This is hugely beneficial to a lot of companies as it lessens the upkeep and repair costs often associated with packaging. As mentioned before, POF Shrink Film has amazing strength, and as a consequence of this, it's a high resistance to punctures or tears. Not only is this valuable throughout the delivery and supply chain, but in addition, it means products which have an irregular contour can also be wrapped.

POF Shrink Film