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What is the Difference Between POF Shrink Film and PE Shrink Film?

Mar. 09, 2020

As a POF Shrink Film Manufacturer, share with you. POF heat shrinkable film and PE heat shrinkable film are currently the most commonly used heat shrinkable film in the world. They are environmentally friendly materials and can be used for export films. Naturally, there are many visible advantages. The two materials compete so much. What is the difference between them, and who is better able to meet customer needs? Let' s take a look.

POF Shrink Film

POF Shrink Film

1. POF shrink film: the proportion of cost is 0.92, the thickness can be 0.012MM, and the actual unit cost is low;

PE shrink film: The proportion of cost is also 0.92, the thickness can be more than 0.03, and the actual unit cost is relatively high.

2. POF shrink film: Compared with physical properties, it is thin and tough. Its thickness is uniform, its moisture resistance is very good, its texture is soft, its tensile strength is high, and its tear resistance is very large. Because of the presence of LLDPE, his rub resistance is better;

PE shrink film: Relatively thick material, good toughness, uniform thickness, excellent moisture resistance, soft texture, and low tear resistance compared to POF.

3, POF shrink film: excellent cold resistance, will not affect minus 50 degrees, not hard and brittle, and will not crack, can be used for the packaging of many frozen foods. And after shrinking the packaging, the packaged materials at -50 ℃ -95 ℃ can be stored for a long time, stable and unchanged. With static electricity and anti-fog treatment, it is not easy to contaminate dust and can keep the product clean and beautiful.

PE shrink film: The cold resistance is also very good. The product is not hard and brittle after winter or freezing, so it is not easy to break during transportation. With static elimination treatment, it is not easy to stain, and can keep the product clean.

4. The POF shrink film and the PE shrink film have many similarities: they will not produce moisture or stick to the sealing rod during processing, and can be well maintained and operated. High toughness, smoothness and rub resistance make it suitable for high-speed production line automatic packaging.

5. After the two kinds of shrink packaging, the four corners of the seal are very soft, will not cut into human hands, and are very resistant to rubbing.

6. Both materials are non-toxic materials, and no toxic gas is generated during processing, which meets the US FDA and USDA standards.

There are so many benefits of POF Shrink Film and PE heat shrinkable bags, and there are many similarities. So no matter which one you use, you can meet people's different needs.

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