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You Must To Know The Use of Shrink Film Products

Oct. 16, 2017

Polyolefin Shrink Film product is already common things in our life, it plays important role in the enterprise. It is not catch the attention, but it is ubiquitous. In electronic products, drinks and other way, its us should not overlooked. So you must to know the use of Polyolefin Film

1.The contents do not fill to full, you need to leave 5-8cm length to facilitate vacuum and heat sealing.

2.When POF Shrink Film Bag is used for heat sealing, the heat sealing parts should be cleaned to ensure the cleanness of the seal. The best time to use is within six months from the date of production.

3.Packaging products avoid to contact with sharp objects.

4.The heat shrinkable temperature of the shrink film product is 85+2 degrees, and the heat shrinkage time is 1-2 seconds.

5.Replace vacuum machine silicone, heating, vacuum pump oil regularly to ensure it in the best working state.

POF Shrink Film Bag