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The Reason Why Polyolefin Shrink Film Blackend?

Jan. 19, 2018

China Shrink Film common materials are PVC, PE and POF, the color of POF shrink film is the brightest, and has the best transparency. So POF shrink film more suitable for high end product packaging. However, customers often have trouble, their POF shrink film brightness is not enough, and the color blackend, some with crystal and bubble. What is the reason?

1.The high quality POF shrink film is produced by the new material, if the color is darkening, the most likely reason is that shrink film with added material is not new and bright.

2.The machine for producing polyolefin shrink film should be cleaned, if the mold head is dirty, it will be mixed with impurities, too much impurities will affect the brightness of shrink film.

Therefore, you must fine a regular and standard Polyolefin Film Manufacturer to purchase goods, like BRJ company.

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