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What Are The Materials of Polyolefin Film?

Aug. 28, 2017

Polyolefin Film is generally composed of polypropylene PP (copolymerization, homopolymerization, random, etc), polyethylene PE (linear low-density LLDPE, low-density LDPE, high-density HDPE). 

Polyolefin production methods are high pressure polymerization and low pressure polymerization, including solution method, slurry method, bulk method and so on. Polyolefin has good feature of small density, water resistance, chemical resistance, good mechanical strength, electrical insulation, etc. It can be widely used in shrink film, Cross Linked Film, pipes, molded products, cables, plates and so on. And polyolefin has wide application in packaging, electronics, automotive, daily sundries, etc.

Cross Linked Film