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What Is the Shrink Film of the Gift Box?

Feb. 06, 2018

The sale of the gift box on the market, usually with a layer of Polyolefin Film outside, then what is the usage of this shrink film?

1.Transparent film can play a certain protection, can protect the clean of the gift box.

2.It can ensure the gift box to the customer’s hands before being opened, with certain privacy.

So what is material of this film?

POF Shrink Film often used to making gift box, because the transparency of POF is better, the product is beautiful and generous. The contraction of POF is relatively flat, density is low and thinner. As a package, the cost is lower and the economy is more economical. And a small number of customer pack the gift box with the PVC shrink film, but from an economic point of view, the cost is higher, transparency is not as good as POF. Therefore, the POF shrink film is the first choice for the package of the gift box.

POF Shrink Film