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How To Do the POF Shrink Film Sealing Edge?

Jan. 16, 2018

One of the important reason for the easy breaking of POF Shrink Film is the sealing edge of shrinkable film is not tight. How to solve the poor edge of it?

First we need to deal with it from the source. The margin of thermal sealing should be sufficient. If we only save the size and seal the distance closer to the edge, we will inevitably have no access.

Secondly, the heating time of heat seal should be well controlled, if heated too long, it will be blanching, if heating time is short, it will be difficult to seal the edges. According to the thickness of the China Polyolefin Film, there must be a time setting standard.

Finally, during the process of shrink film production, the film should be tested, if it is not good, it should be adjusted.

For the customers who have received the Shrink Film, the edge is not firmly sealed can be reinforced by the edge banding machine again. Of course, this will be more troublesome. The best way is to control it from the source.

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