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What Is The Production Process Of Polyolefin Shrink Film?

Jan. 24, 2019

The POF Shrink Film produced is composed of an outer layer, an intermediate layer and an inner layer, which are co-extruded and bonded by three layers. The outer layer is composed of 97-100% extinguisher and 0-3% anti-adhesive, and the middle layer is linear with a weight percentage of 80-100%. Low density polyethylene (LDPE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE) of 0-20% are composed of the same raw material composition as the outer layer or copolymer polypropylene (PP) with a weight percentage of 97-99% and 1-3% smoothing agent.

The Polyolefin Shrink Film has more excellent optical properties than the extinction film produced by the traditional production process, and is convenient for processing and operation.

The Polyolefin Film has excellent extinction performance without losing the physical and mechanical properties of the original film, has the advantages of high fog, low gloss, high shrinkage, etc., can meet the needs of high-grade packaging, and has strong visual aesthetic feeling, long service life, stable quality and good extinction uniformity when used.

POF Shrink Film