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Talking about the difference of physical properties between POF and PE and PVC Shrink Film

Oct. 29, 2019

  As a POF Factory, I would like to share some information with you. Shrink Film has high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and certain shrinkage stress. It is mainly used in the sales and transportation of various products to stabilize, cover and protect products. The shrink wrap not only has a beautiful appearance, but also functions as a moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-loose, anti-theft, and collection.

  POF Shrink Film has the characteristics of large tensile strength, low density, high shrinkage, good gloss, aging, and good opening. The application range is expanding and it will gradually become the mainstream of the heat shrinkable film market.

POF Shrink Film

POF Shrink Film


  POF specific gravity is 0.92, thickness is the thinnest 0.012mm, actual unit cost is lower. PE specific gravity is 0.92, thickness is the thinnest 0.03 or more, actual unit cost is higher. PVC specific gravity 1.4, thickness is the thinnest 0.02mm, the actual unit cost is higher.

  2. Physical properties

  POF is thin and tough, uniform in thickness, good in moisture resistance, soft in texture, high in tensile strength, high in tear strength, and adjustable in shrinkage. Due to the presence of LLDPE, it is more resistant to stagnation. PE is thick and tough, uniform in thickness, and good in moisture resistance. The texture is soft. The tear strength is lower than POF, but much higher than PVC, the shrinkage rate is poorly adjustable. The resistance is not as good as POF. PVC is thick and brittle, uneven thickness, poor moisture resistance, hard and brittle texture, low strength, shrinkage low rate and poor resistance to cockroaches.

  3. Cold resistance and other physical properties

  POF is excellent in cold resistance, not hard or brittle at -50 °C, and is not easy to be broken. It can be used for frozen food packaging. After shrink packaging, -50 °C - 95 °C is stored for a long time, stable and stable. Static and anti-fog treatment It is not easy to pollute dust, keep the product clean and bright. PE is excellent in cold resistance. After winter or freezing, it will not be hard and not embrittled, so the transportation is not easy to break. It has static elimination treatment, is not easy to dust, and can keep the product clean. PVC Extremely cold-resistant, embrittlement occurs in winter or after freezing, so it is easy to break during transportation. The longer the shrink packaging, the tighter the shrinkage will be, the deformation of the package. No static elimination, easy to contaminate dust, and the product pollution is blurred.

  4. Processing performance

  POF processing process does not produce moisture or adhere to the sealing rod, easy maintenance and operation. High toughness, smoothness and tamper resistance make it suitable for automatic packaging of high-speed production lines. PE processing does not produce moisture, nor does it stick to the seal. Stick, easy to maintain and work. High toughness, low entanglement, can be used for automatic packaging of high-speed production lines. PVC processing will produce volatiles, easy to cause mechanical damage, and easy to stick to the sealing rod, inconvenient operation, difficult maintenance.

  5. Security

  After shrinking the POF, the corners of the seal are soft and will not cut the human hand, and it is also resistant to sputum. After PE shrink packaging, the sealing corners are soft and will not cut the hands. After the PVC shrink packaging, the corners of the sealing are hard and sharp, easy to cut.

  6. Environmental sanitation

  POF is non-toxic and does not produce toxic odor during processing. It complies with US FDA and USDA standards. PE is non-toxic, does not produce toxic gases during processing, and meets the US FDA and USDA standards. PVC is toxic, processing will produce odor, toxic gases, and gradually banned.

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