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What Shrink Film is Good for the Packaging of Frozen Meat?

Feb. 02, 2018

Users want to know the frozen meat packaging, we recommended PE Shrink Film. POF shrink film, as we all know, the price is higher than PVC, PE, all aspects of performance are good, is also the environmental protection performance, but is also has its own shortcomings, that is affected by temperature. Although the Polyolefin Shrink Film has certain cold resistance, it can not maintain its own characteristics at ultra low temperature. In addition, the thickness of POF shrinkage film is thinner and can only be 3 silk, which can not meet the needs of frozen good packaging.

PE shrink film is high toughness, excellent cold resistance, the thickness can be done at the end of more then silk. Not hardened or embrittlement after winter or after freezing. So transportation is not easy to break. It has static electricity elimination treatment, can keep the product clean.

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