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How Effective is POF Shrink Film on Product Shrinkage?

Feb. 25, 2020

At present, the society is developing rapidly, and the packaging industry is keeping up with the pace. In recent years, there has been a considerable development direction, and it has been on the rise. In the field of packaging industry, POF Shrink Film is the most widely used, most popular and best-selling shrink bag. According to our continuous progress, we have developed the basic characteristics of POF shrink film. Completely mastered, know how to shrink the effect is good, how to solve the bad effect. In the end, what is the effect of POF shrink color box books and other products, let's take a look with POF Shrink Film Manufacturer.

Shrink Film

First of all, POF heat shrinkable bags can only be fully sealed packaging products, the effect will be better. His shrinkage rate is high. If it is made of double-pass or single-pass, it will shrink in a ball, and the effect will not be so good. It is recommended that babies who do not understand can know to avoid embarrassing problems. POF heat shrinkable film has the characteristics of anti-rust and anti-corrosion. He is a kind of plastic film carefully prepared by using high-quality gas-phase anti-rust agent through special treatment. The anti-corrosive gas continuously generated by the anti-rust agent is used to suppress the rust function in the package And isolate all corrosive media from the external environment to achieve the purpose of rust and corrosion protection. POF heat shrinkable bags are suitable for many industries, such as food, daily necessities, medicines, pesticides, daily chemicals, electronics, cosmetics, books, etc. Each industry plays a powerful role and can perfectly seal products.

POF heat-shrinkable bags can be used for perfect plastic packaging, which can be accepted according to market demand. Because of its light texture, less waste, transparent and odorless, soft material, small footprint, low cost, environmental protection and non-toxic, it can be widely used by people in daily life. When plastic sealing the box, you can press the corner first when sealing, that is, after packing and sealing, there are 4 corners. The protruding part can be cut off with a sealing machine. The shrinking effect is better and more beautiful. This is also considered as Experience gained.

Now, the use of shrink film has been widely used in people's lives. It can be said that they can be seen in streets and alleys, and the scope of application is completely beyond people's imagination. It ’s really not me blowing, just like an article, mineral water is something that people in the country and even the world need to drink. Then the label film on the outside of the bottle is one of the shrink films.

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