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Should You Use Shrink Wrap or a Vacuum Sealer?

Jun. 28, 2020

As a POF Shrink Film Manufacturer, share with you. I had a wonderful discussion with a customer yesterday who had an interest in product packaging his own pizzas. He had a small start-up company as well as was only checking out packaging about 50 pizzas a day for retail sale. He was looking at several devices to package his 10 ″ as well as 12 ″ pizzas. He asked me, "Should I be utilizing reduce POF Shrink Film or a vacuum sealant for my pizzas?" This is exactly how I addressed him.

POF Shrink Film

POF Shrink Film

To begin with, I asked him what he was performing with the pizzas. He stated he was packaging them for retail sale and needed expert packaging for sanitary objectives, conservation as well as professional presentation. These are very important when it comes to product packaging food. While a great solution, this still isn't enough information to address the shrink cover or Vacuum cleaner Sealant question. I then took place to explain why people use one or the other.

Shrink Cover for Pizzas -- Diminish cover is just one of the most common approaches used for product packaging pizzas. It is quickly, looks wonderful as well as is fairly affordable. One thing I allow the consumer recognize is that you require to use Polyolefin movie when product packaging pizzas. It is accepted by the FDA for direct get in touch with usage with food. PVC reduce film is not. Reduce Cover helps maintain the food together (for presentation functions), keeps it from drying as well as additionally helps provide a barrier from outdoors contamination.

Reduce wrapping a pizza, however, is not good for lasting preservation. Reduce cover is outstanding for cooling a pizza, for usage in screens and for a consumer lugging the food residence. It does not, nonetheless, provide appropriate protection in a freezer. Many people, especially in a pizza retail setting, will certainly be consuming the bought pizza the day they purchase the pizza or shortly thereafter. This is why shrink wrap is still extremely preferred for product packaging pizza. Reduce cover is inevitably excellent for refrigerator conservation purposes.

Vacuum Sealers for Pizzas -- Vacuum sealants are for pizza suppliers that plan on dispersing their pizzas to grocery stores and various other food electrical outlets. Vacuum sealers give pizzas with excellent conservation. Vacuum cleaner sealants eliminate nearly all of the air from the vacuum bag making sure long term preservation. The vacuum seal bag additionally protects against the pizza from frost burn. I recommend that a cardboard support be utilized or the pizza will loose its shape throughout the packaging procedure.

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