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Shrinkage Properties of Shrink Film

Aug. 22, 2019

Nowadays, low-carbon life has become a household name, and the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction has been further developed to all walks of life. For example, the packaging industry and the green packaging packaging market have set off a green packaging trend with Polyolefin Shrink Film as the first. Combined with the concept of green environmental protection and packaging concept, POF heat shrinkable film not only reflects the concept of modern packaging, but also fully reflects the characteristics of green environmental protection. With the development of the times, it is in line with the mainstream of energy-saving society.

The shrink film has its unique advantages in the packaging of articles. Such a shrink film is made by the principle of stretching and orientation of the polymer molecular chain, and is formed by the method of quenching and setting. What is the physical principle? As a Shrink Film Supplier, let's explain it to everyone.

Cross Linked Shrink Film

Cross Linked Shrink Film

In the production of shrink film, when the polymer is in a high elastic state, it is stretched and oriented, and then the polymer is quenched to below the glass transition temperature, the molecular orientation is frozen, and when the article is packaged, When heated, stress relaxation occurs due to molecular thermal motion, and the molecules return to their original state and cause shrinkage. This property enables the heat shrinkable film to be smoothly combined with various shapes of beverage bottles and to ensure smooth and wrinkle-free. Therefore, the testing and control of the shrinkage performance of Cross Linked Shrink Film is extremely important. The shrink film manufacturer will also test this after the finished product to ensure the application of the shrink film is excellent.