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What effect does temperature have on Polyolefin Shrink Film?

Apr. 07, 2020

As a Polyolefin Shrink Film Factory, share with you. How does temperature affect the shrink film? The temperature setting in the shrinking process of the shrink film directly affects the shrinking effect of the POF shrink film. The shrinkage temperature of POF shrink film is generally between 140-180. The setting of the temperature difference depends on the shrinking furnace itself. There is a process for the product to enter the heat shrinkage, which is generally heated first, then shrunk, and finally has a cooling time when it comes out, so the choice of the shrinking furnace is the key. Different materials of shrink film can choose different shrinking furnaces. Polyolefin Shrink Film is best to choose a constant temperature shrinking furnace with temperature circulation in the furnace. This can avoid uneven heating of the product during the shrinking process and affect the shrinking effect. If the set temperature is high during the shrinking process, the shrink film will be punctured during the shrinking process. If the temperature is set too low, the surface of the film will be wrinkled and uneven.

Polyolefin Shrink Film

Polyolefin Shrink Film

So how to detect the shrinkage of POF shrink film?

1. Cut 20 samples each with a width of 15.0 mm along the horizontal and vertical directions of the POF shrink film roll film, that is, 10 sets of horizontal and vertical samples, each of which is used for heat shrinkage force and cold shrinkage force. 1. Test of shrinkage. The length of the sample should ensure that there is an effective length of 100 mm between the fixtures;

2. The thickness of the test sample shall be tested at least 3 points, and the average value shall be taken;

3. Use a special sampler to form two round holes on the surface of the sample to facilitate the clamping of the sample;

4. Take any three groups of horizontal or vertical samples, and clamp them to the three groups of fixtures of the equipment. Each group of fixtures includes two sample fixtures equipped with force sensor and displacement sensor. The clamped sample should be completely straight, and the force sensor should not be stressed;

5. Set the test parameters such as test temperature and end temperature. Click the start test option to start the test;

6. When the temperature in the heating chamber of the equipment reaches the test temperature, the sample enters the cabin automatically, and the test starts timing. The sample shrinks under heat and generates heat shrinkage force. When the heat shrinkage force reaches the set condition, the sample automatically exits the cabin. The force generated is the cold shrinking force. The equipment automatically records and displays in real time the heat shrinkage force, cold shrinkage force, and shrinkage rate from the sample entering the cabin to the end of the test. After the test, the equipment displays the maximum shrinkage rate, maximum heat shrinkage force, and maximum cold shrinkage force of each group of samples;

7. Repeat the operation from 3 to 5 until the 10 groups of horizontal and vertical samples are all tested.

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