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What is the versatility of POF Shrink Film?

Dec. 23, 2019

Polyolefin Shrink Film is an extremely durable and versatile "quality" shrink film. It is a food-safe material. Polyolefin materials have different characteristics, including cross-linked packaging, which provide high tensile strength and incredible transparency for high-speed packaging applications. Cross Linked Shrink Film also prevents accumulation on mechanical seal parts.

Polyolefin Shrink Film

Polyolefin Shrink Film

By increasing strength, you can create longer wrapping rolls with thinner gauges, reducing the number of roll changes and increasing efficiency and productivity. Polyolefin shrink packaging materials have excellent puncture resistance and seal strength, making irregularly shaped articles have excellent protection throughout the life cycle of their supply chain. The thickness of the POF can be as low as 35 (0.35 mils), more commonly 45, 60, 75, and 100 (1 million mil) specifications.

The versatility and relatively low cost that POF provides for multiple machines and packaging forms makes it the preferred form for protective packaging manufacturers of any size. In some cases, the POF will need to add perforations to the wrapping paper; tiny holes are added to the wrapper before application, and these holes allow air to escape during the shrinkage process to obtain a smooth package. Therefore, many suppliers offer pre-perforated heat shrinkable packaging.

Versatility of POF Shrink Film:

Do you know the versatility of pof shrink film, the following editor will give you a detailed introduction.

A. Unitization. The pof shrink film bundles the product compactly and fixedly into a unit, so that the scattered small pieces become a whole, so as not to cause damage.

B. Primary protection. Form a very light, protective appearance around the product, so as to achieve the purpose of dust, oil, moisture, water, and theft. Avoid damage caused by uneven force.

C. Compression fixability. The pof shrink film wraps the product to form a compact, space-free unit as a whole, so that the product trays are tightly wrapped together, which can effectively prevent the product from being misaligned and moved, while the adjustable tensile force can make Quality products are tightly attached, making soft products shrink, especially in the tobacco industry and textile industry, which have unique packaging effects.

D. Cost saving. Using pof shrink film for product packaging can effectively reduce the cost of use. Using pof shrink film is only about 15% of the original box packaging. At the same time, it can reduce labor intensity, improve packaging efficiency and packaging grade.

The above is the versatility of pof shrink film. Letong packaging will provide high-quality products and thoughtful service. We sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to guide our work and negotiate business for a better future.

Pof shrink film is a film made of polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and other resins, used for packaging, and as a film layer. What are the packaging materials for POF shrink film blowing machine? What are the effects of pof shrink film?

Pof shrink film is made of high-quality gas-phase rust inhibitor through special treatment and made into a plastic film. The anti-corrosive gas continuously generated by the anti-rust agent is used to suppress the rust function in the package and isolate all the corrosive media in the external environment to achieve the purpose of anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

Pof shrink film is suitable for pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, daily chemical, lubricant and other industries. pof shrink film is redesigned and manufactured based on advanced models at home and abroad, and has the function of sealing. It is suitable for food factories, cosmetics factories, pharmaceutical factories and other units. It can also print the date and batch number on the pof shrink film according to user needs. Suitable for assembly line work.